missives from lockdown

Living Through It

selections from the Spring and Summer of 2020

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When San Francisco went into lockdown March 17th 2020, I pulled out my film development tanks for the first time in years and mixed up fresh chemical from expired concentrate.

Over the course of 2020 I shot hundreds of frames of black and white throughout the south eastern corner of San Francisco, developing them at my kitchen sink, hanging them to dry in the closet, now office, off the back of my apartment.

I look at these images now in compiling this zine and can feel the discomfiting stillness of the city then. I wasn't really shooting with any purpose in mind other than bearing witness to my own, small, unremarkable experience of lockdown. Much the same maybe to yours but unique in it's particulars to me.

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Set in Meek Display and MD IO. Compiled for the EBABZ Fest 2021. With thanks to @mariisabazan for pushing me to put this together.

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